How to Build a Brand without Advertising

Building a great brand from scratch is the dream of every startup entrepreneur. If you are starting up, I’m pretty sure you want to build a brand that is friendly, well-known and stands for something beyond profits. In most of the cases, companies try to build a brand with advertising. They just pour money into […]

Powerful Ways to Convert Website Traffic Into Leads

More traffic to a website does not always mean more revenue, unless the revenue model is purely based on display advertising. Display advertising model brings the lowest revenue per visitor compared to all the other revenue models and there are some studies that suggest that only 27% of the internet visitors actually end up looking […]

What is Google Discover, and how can you increase your chances of being featured?

In recent months, many content publishers have been enjoying higher levels of mobile traffic from a new source: Google’s Discover feed. Google Discover is the reincarnation of Google Feed, its personalised, mobile-optimised smart feed first introduced in December 2016, which was aimed at helping users keep up-to-date on topics and events of interest. In mid-2017, the Google Feed got […]

Advertisers beware: location data often isn’t what it appears to be

Location, location, location. Advertisers know it’s important, which is why they often target users by their location. Location represents more than a place; from it, advertisers often make inferences about everything from intent to demographic characteristics. But it’s increasingly evident that effectively targeting users by location isn’t nearly as straightforward as it looks. In the […]

Reading between the lines in Mark Zuckerberg’s predictions and priorities for the 2020s

As we begin a new decade, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has published his predictions and priorities for the 2020s. Zuckerberg effectively controls platforms used by billions of people around the world each month and is therefore one of the most influential if not powerful people in the world. As such, his predictions and priorities are worth paying […]

What advertisers need to know about YouTube’s new ad policies for children’s content

Following a $170m Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settlement related to charges that it violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), YouTube has announced changes to its service that it says will help protect children’s privacy. Specifically, the Google-owned video giant “now treats personal information from anyone watching children’s content on the platform as coming from a […]